Saturday, April 19, 2014


This week has certainly been an eye opener. So our first preparation day we got to go off campus to eat, all the Elders and Sisters was walking together and I go "Where is the nearest Bojangles I'm starving." One of the Elders goes... "Elder, what is a Bojangles?" I go "YALL AINT GOT NO BOJANGLES?!?!?!?!?!?!" Not a single person out here knows what Bojangles is, every time someones walks by me they go "YALL AINT GOT NO BOJANGLES" mocking my accent. Elder Bojangles has been a common name used to address me of late. Funny, right? But how am I going to live without Bojangles...
This week was so spiritual, the MTC is by far the most spiritual place I've ever been. And slowly but surely things are starting to click. Monday we has an AMAZING lesson with Hermano Howard on Spanish conjugates, its soooo hard, but God is on MY side and I will eventually get this Spanish thing down. Tuesday we went to a devotional and heard from Neil L. Anderson, it was an honor to be able to meet an apostle, and this Sunday a member of the first presidency will be speaking here, IM SO STOKED. Wednesday we got new missionaries in so its nice to not be able to say that I'm one of the newbies on campus. You can tell they're new because when we walk by them we say "Hola" and they go "Hello..." it makes me laugh. Thursday was my very first tough day, it's easy to let your mind slip and start thinking "what am I doing, why am I out here." But quickly I had to reassure myself that I'm out here to do a job, and it will be done one way or another. Friday was an awesome day. You guys wouldn't believe the guy I have become in just almost two weeks. I'm speaking Spanish more than I am English. Elder Perkins mom also sent us Easter candy, which was so nice and awesome. I got skittles and some sort of candy was gross. And last Sunday we got to hear from the BYU mens chorus. They sang "Lean On Me" and everyone in the gym stood up and gave a standing ovation. It was solid for sure. 
So Thursday I got the BEST DEAR ELDER EVER. Todd Eldredge sent one that I opened. He was talking about some sort of something and then at the bottom he goes "Pacers got #1 seed, so congrats"......I had to stop, think about what I just read and then out of no where I started screaming. I was jumping up and down yelling YES YES YES YES YES YES YES I started hugging my companion. At this point he has no idea why I'm yelling. Then I ran across the room to the others Elders dorm and just starting hugging everyone and screaming YES YES YES. I was honestly almost in tears. Everyone goes "WHATS WRONG??!?!" I was too excited to talk so all I said was "PACERS PACERS PACERS THEY GOT IT THEY GOT IT." I eventually explained what happened and being the great guys that they are they all celebrated with me. It was an awesome moment.
The Lord has blessed me beyond measure. I'm slowly starting to see the things that is going on in my life, and also starting to see the real reason that I'm out here. Lately my faith hasnt been up to par, but being here has changed my outlook on everything. The more I think about it, the more that it seems I grow closer with Heavenly Father. The way I like to look at it is being on Gods side is like being on a team with Michael Jordan or Lebron James, you just have to give them the ball and have faith that they will put the ball in the hoop. I just have to put my life in Gods hands and have faith that he will take care of everything. Its not easy doing what I'm doing and I immediately saw that the day I stepped onto this MTC. But I'm not out here for myself, I'm out here for Heavenly Father, and the great people of Argentina. You cant selfish and the last thing that needs to be on your mind is yourself. Realizing all of this has made me love what I'm doing even more. Between personal scripture study, companion study and even language study, I love this life. I leave out for Argentina in a little over a month but i can honestly say that I will never forget the MTC experience. The last time I saw my grandpa he told that this was going to be a growing experience, boy...was he right. 
Todd, Forbes magazine was on point joke. 
The pictures I sent was me in my PACERS SHIRT. Some of my best friends at the temple and a picture of me with the most beautiful Utah mountains ever. 
I love and miss you all so much. Thanks to everyone who wrote me letters, and sent me Dear Elders, they are the bright spot of every day. I'm writing back to everyone today so give it a bit and I'll get back to you.
Thanks again for all the support, it means the world to me.
Elder Hutchens. 
Tanner with some of his best friends in front of the temple.


Elder Staples, Hermano Brown (teacher) and Elder Hutchens

Elder Staples, Hermano Howard and Elder Hutchens

Elder Staples, Hermano Porter and Elder Hutchens

The most beautiful Utah mountains!

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