Monday, June 30, 2014


This week has been full of nothing but surprises. NOTHING BUT SURPRISES. So this week was sort of crazy because everyone was expecting things to be rough with transfers happening. I was for sure and certain that nothing was going to change with me because I havent even finished my training yet. Elder Sanchez and I went to this lunch appointment with a less active member. We walked in and BOOM, apparently this guy went to like 8 years of school to be a baker. So, what did we have? THE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH HANDS DOWN. On top of that he fed us 4 pizzas, a bunch of baked sweets and this awesome drink that he fixed. Wow, what a surprise, no? Also with transfers happening the guys in the house spent the week helping out with Elder Carreno because sadly he left yesterday afternoon. It was my first missionary that I was close with that had to go home, but he served a great and awesome mission, and he was such a great inspiration for me. I hope one day I can be half the missionary he can be.
Just wanted to say something before I go into the juicy part of this email. I just wanted to say that I love my grandpa so much. I never realized how much he did for me until I got out here and basically had to live and manage my own life. The things that my grandpa did for me even after grandma died was amazing. 82 years old and was still helping raise a 19 year old boy. Many things like laundry, car issues, and much much more. So this week I just wanted to thank my grandpa for all that he does, and did for me.
SOOO...transfers happened this week. Elder Sanchez and I was walking down the street when our phone went off. It was Elder Carreno saying that he has all the new transfer info. I didnt pay much attention because I honestly thought I was going to stay where I was. He kept reading off all the missionary that was getting moved..and then he said my name. In this moment my WHOLE mission changed. He said "Oh, Elder Hutchens, you and Elder Roberts are now companions.." Now, let me make this very clear why this is so significant. Elder Roberts was in the MTC with me, he went in the very same day as me. Elder Roberts was on the plane to Argentina with me, Elder Roberts is a brand new missionary just like me. Elder Roberts knows about as much Spanish as I do, Elder Roberts cant understand what the people of Argentina are saying. In a nut shell, I finished my training 6 weeks early, so did Elder Roberts, and now we are companions....again..let me make this clear..THIS IS NOT NORMAL. We no longer have our trainers, we no longer can fully understand what is going on. We have to figure out how to be good missionary by our selfs. Nothing more. The two least experienced missionaries in the zone are together. Now, with that being said its very easy to look at all the bad things about this. Its hard to see the good that can come from this, but there is plenty good from this. Elder Roberts and I get the chance to do something that hardly no missionaries get to do. We get to figure this out together, as a team, we get to learn Spanish together, we also get the chance to grow. This is a huge growing experience. This has been the chat of the zone the last few days and im not sure that anyone expects us to baptize. But heres the thing, I believe in miracles. WE DO NOT CONVERT THE PEOPLE.. The Holy Ghost does. If we do our part and work our hardest, we will find the souls of Argentina that needs Christ in their lifes regaurdless if we can speak fluent Spanish. No one including myself was expecting this, but it happened. And we are going to make the best of what we have.
With that being said..VAMOS ARGENTINA. Woooo, its so cool to be in a country when the World Cup is happening, wow. People down here watch this World Cup religiously. Everybody takes off work when the World Cup is on.
Also, if you guys want to send packages that fine. But ONLY send the padded packages. Because normal box packages will NOT MAKE IT. The mail service here is horrible but its likely that a padded package will arrive to me.
Guys I have a lot in front of me, this mission just got 10 times more difficult than what it already was. But thats okay. Im not here for myself, Im here for Christ. Proverbs 3:5 has been keeping me going this week along with Philippians 4:13. I know God will lead us to the right people, to help them with their needs and teach to their specific needs. I love you all and thanks for your support. I cant wait to let you guys know all about how my week goes, next week. 

Con Amor,
Elder Hutchens

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Oh man what a week, I have a lot to say in just 45 minutes. So where to start? With as much door knocking as we do a day, we get the opportunity to see many different types of people. But this week, I saw and met some people that were really really different. First, we knocked on a door that a young boy answered. We said COMO ESTA AMIGO? He was super young like, 8. We said "Amigo, quanto anos tiene?" (How old are you?) He said "Ocho!" We asked him where his parents where and he said that they wasnt home, we asked when they would be home...and out of no where, he reached in his pocket, pulled out a cigarette, pulled out a lighter and BAM..right before my eyes an 8 year old boy was smoking a cigarette and talking to me in Spanish all at the same time. I didnt know wether to faint or laugh..but either way that was by far the most bizarre experience so far. Being down here during the World Cup is so crazy. So many doors we knocked on and people were like "Really? Youre knocking on my door and the game is on? Whats wrong with you?" Apparently Argentina won, because as we was walking so many gun shots went off and the whole city of Tandil screamed. People down here love their soccer thats for sure. Also, I had an odd experience, as we knocking on doors we came across an older man that slammed the door in our face. We continued to walk down the street when two cops stopped right beside of us and started asking us questions. He then realized who we was and said over his walkie talkie "Nevermind, its just the Mormons." Apparently the old man reported us for being suspicious? Me and my companion found is super funny for sure. Ive been here a month and Ive had so many crazy experiences. We had a dog follow us around for like 6 hours, we named him Pancho, I LOVE THAT DOG. He had like one eye, but idc. It was still nice to have an amigo following us around. 
BUT HEY GUESS WHO HAS A BIRTHDAY IN LIKE 28 DAYS!? I turn 20 July the first birthday without my family. Cant believe it, but itll be a very good birthday I hope. Also Happy Fathers day to my Grandpa and Dad, I know it stinks that im almost 5000 miles away on the Dia De Padres, but you just know I was thinking about you guys. 

I love Jesus Christ. I dont know how else to say it. Ive had such a tough time the last few weeks with just everything. But Ive found that just putting my faith in god has been the best thing that I can do. Even though I dont understand some things about doctrine or something, it shouldnt mean that It takes away from what I already know. I know that Christ is alive, I know that this is his church, and I know that what I am doing every day is his work. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts, it means the absolute world to me. Ive found that I enjoy knocking on doors and sharing with people what I believe because I want people to feel what Ive felt, and what Christ has done in my life. Im here for 2 years, im not going anywhere. This is where God wants me to be, and I know this. I love my investigators, I love my scriptures and I love how God can answer my prayers. Ive only been in Argentina a month, but I can honestly say Im ready for the next year and 10 months. Its the journey of a life time. Time will fly by..I always keep Philippians 4:13 close when I start to have bad thoughts, or struggle. I know this is Gods work, and I love being a missionary even when it does stink, or I get tired, or I get doors slammed into my face. I love it. 
Thanks again for all your support, I cant wait to tell you guys all about the week Im going to have this up coming week. 

Con Amor,
Elder Hutchens.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Write my friend!

I´m not really sure how to explain this week honestly. I´ve learned very quickly that this mission is doing everything in its power to test my faith, not only test my faith but to test my faith in Jesus Christ. I don´t know how to explain this week because It was just all a blur. I´m just glad to start off with a new week.
Something really funny happened to me Wednesday morning. 3 in the morning I woke up and had to use the bathroom SO bad. I remember telling myself ¨Tanner, go back to sleep you don't need to pee.¨So what did I do? I rolled back over and went to sleep. I woke up at 6:30 to find that my whole bed was soaked, and it wasn´t just soaked, it was SOAKED. I spent the rest of the morning showering and being made fun of by the other Elders in my room. They still haven't stopped making jokes. Lesson to be learned here, when the Spirit tells you to go to the bathroom, DO IT. Trust me, if I don´t do anything to help you guys from this mission, my advice to you is use the bathroom when you feel the urge, you´ll thank me later. I´m not really sure if that was appropriate to share on a missionary email home, but I found it funny, my companions still find it funny, and I hope you guys can laugh at my pain as well. 

Me and my companion saw a lot happen this week. We witnessed loads of dog fights, and when I say dog fights, I mean dog fights to the death. These dogs down here are vicious. Once they get into a fight, they don't stop until one of them is dead. I can't tell you how many times I've walked by a dead dog and felt some sort of sorrow for the poor thing. The people of Argentina just walk right by it like it's normal. I also had the BEST Milenesa this week. I think I ended up eating like 7 of them things. I paid for it later, but it was nice. My spanish is coming very well actually. I can decently have a conversation with my companion and the jibberish that these Argentina people speak is starting to make a bit more sense. I went on exchanges with like 3 people this week, it was nice to see what other Elders are like. I had a companion that spoke ONLY spanish. That was tough but I felt that it really helped my Spanish..

I need a huge favor from ALL of you, okay? I´m think I´m the only one doing this, so have a open heart and an open mind. One of the guys in my room Elder Carreno is an AWESOME Elder, he's been through a lot in his life. He's from Columbia and just is an inspiration in my life. I learned this week that he lives only on his own.  He got his mission extended because he had no where to go after his mission. He has 3 weeks left, and I want to do him something he hasn't had all his mission. He told me that he NEVER gets emails. He always sits down and just sits at the computer and hopes that someone writes him. His parents aren' t involved and he doesn't have any friends that write him. I felt terrible when he looked over and saw that I had almost 30 emails and he had none. If you don't do nothing for me the rest of my life, do this. I want you guys to email him.  Let him know that you appreciate his great work that he has done. Make the rest of his three weeks of emails worth something. I don´t know how long its been since he's had an email, but next week I want him to have a lot. WRITE HIM.  Thanks guys it'll make his day.

Thanks for all of your love and support, it means the world to me. I don't know what is in store for me the next few days, but whatever happens it is the Lord's will. 

Elder Hutchens.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Lou Hutchens

This past week would have marked my grandmas 83rd birthday. I just wanted to say that I miss my grandma so much. There isnt a day that passes that I don´t think of the example that she set for my brother and I as we both grew up. She was the perfect example of a true christian woman. She was my mother figure, my rock, and always believed in me. I regret not being able to tell her more before she died, being able to thank her for all she did for me. because in reality, if it wasnt for her I´m not sure where I´d be today, I´m not sure where both me and my brother would be. Every day my grandma is looking down on me watching over me and making sure that I am okay. She raised me to the best of her ability, and its not everyday that a 80 year old woman takes on the challenge of raising a 17 year old boy, but she did a perfect job with me and my brother. Just wanted to give her a shout out and let her know that I have her picture in my scriptures right by her favorite bible verse, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU.

This week during a lesson my companion was teaching an investigator, he was rambling on in Spanish so i didn´t really understand what was going on. I heard someone walk through the door of the house but i didn´t bother to turn around and look. 30 seconds later I felt an arm around my neck and someone had layed a big wet sloppy kiss on my cheek. I turned around and it was a girl around the age of in Argentina people kiss on the cheek as a culture thing. It wasn´t just a peck on the cheek, she REALLY layed it on my cheek with some of passion. I was so embaressed. My companion explained to her that we don´t do companion said that my face was so red. Oh well.

I got the chance to meet with a 93 year old woman that we are helping out. She reminds me a lot of my grandma. Just always sweet, a smile on her face, and always looking out for the better good of others. These people down here are so friendly, and so nice. Its amazing how a culture can be so different. I still dont understand what people are saying, but MY spanish is really improving. I´m able to have a conversation with my companion. The only problem I have is understand the Argentine accent. I love SpĂ nish, I wouldn´t be surprised if I end up minoring in Spanish when I get to college one day. Tonight i have to travel 7 hours back to Bahia Blanca with the zone leaders, UGH...should be fun though. The mission president is a great man. 

HUGE shout out to my brother, for just being an awesome and amazing brother. I´m so proud of you and all the work you have put into those puppies and dogs. It´s something I´m so happy to say that I was able to kind of help you out with. But I love you Murph, you´re the man. Can´t wait to get home and one day meet my DOUGHNUT. 

It´s been a tough week for me, emotionally, and physically. But hopefully things start looking up. 

Take care guys. Love you all. 

Elder Hutchens.
Elder Sanchez and Elder Hutchens at the Jesus Wall

Elder Hutchens admires an advertisement for his message