Monday, September 8, 2014

Back in the Game


So for those of you who don't know, I had to go home for around a month or so due to some complications. With that being said I was called to serve in the Washington Kennewick mission, spanish speaking. I just got here last Friday and I love it!! The people here are great and I love my mission President. 
So being out here on the West coast its easy for people to pick out my accent, especially a North Carolina accent. My companions, my district, my zone, every one makes fun of how I talk. Its okay though because they dont have a cool accent like myself. Being here in Washington serving is so much different than serving in Argentina. I guess that also has a lot to do with the culture, the Mission President, and the food. Everything is just so different. I like it though, actually to be honest I love it. A long with that the only thing I dont love is the lack of Bojangles. No one here has heard of Bojangles, no one. They have all heard of Pop Eyes and KFC, but not Bojangles. Thats one thing I am going to miss. My companion is super awesome!! His name is Elder Parker Ballard. He is a very very relaxed guy, which is always a plus. We work well together and it seems that we are helping the work here in Washington move forward. 
Adjusting back to missionary life was very difficult but so satisfying at the same time. I am almost fully adjusted and am loving it. The one thing thats bothering me the most is the 3 hours of sleep I lost. So i go to bed at 9:45 every night. I just feel like I am supposed to be here, it feels great.
The Washington Kennewick mission is a mission of high expectations. I walked right into about 5 investigators that I think personally will be baptized. I'm in a zone called the Walla Walla zone, and its a little town almost identical to Yadkinville. So naturally with that being said I feel right at home. But the expectations here are high, lots of work here is being done and the missionaries are doing a great job. We have an investigator named Reyes. He was Catholic all his life and he left the church due to some problems he had with doctrine or something. Anyways, he says there is no God but is looking for something that would restore his faith. He had a lot of great questions about our church and he is really progressing. We have been working with him and I've been praying that he will see the light and that he can be baptized and brought into the Church of Christ. 
We had lessons with some less active members and some people that are extremely less fortunate. The people confide a lot in us and it almost puts a lot of pressure on us to say the right words. I've been praying for God to help give me the words to say and to help guide these people closer to Christ. Its difficult sometimes because my words aren't exactly what these people are looking for. It seems like we are looking for the same thing; happiness. I can't make it clear enough to everyone that happiness is Christ and Christ is happiness. If people can just wrap their mind around that, things would go so much easier. 
I just want you all to know I love you so much and thanks for the support. Going back home wasn't the easiest choice at all and almost an even harder choice to go right back out. But with the love and support of my family, my friends and my church, I know that this mission will be the best thing to ever happen to me and not only me, but my family. Today I had one of my missionaries that taught me, send me a picture of the day I got baptized, I'll send it out to you guys. Anyways, my strength every day is Philippians 4:13. I shared that with my Ward this past Sunday. I actually had the chance to go up and take 10 minutes to introduce myself and to tell my story. I feel very fortunate to be in the position I am in and even more so to be serving Christ day in and day out. Again, thank you all for everything. It literally means the world to me. I'm not going to let you down, ever. Returning with honor is my main concern. 

Con Amor,
Elder Hutchens

pictures: myself and Elder Ballard in front of our car, myself and Elder Ballard our first day and our first P-day. Also, March 16th, 2013; the day I was baptized. 
Elder Ballard, Elder Hutchens and their wheels

Elder Hutchens with Elder Ballard on the first day in Walla Walla.

P-day in Washington

March 16, 2013
Baptism of Tanner Hutchens

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