Monday, September 22, 2014

Who would have thought?

SO..for some reason I didn't make the connection. But when I got here the President had told me my companion was Elder Ballard. It didn't hit me until I was in my room Wednesday and I was looking at Elder Ballard's photos. I saw his dad and I go.."hmmm, this guy looks familiar." I was looking at a Ensign and came across the apostle Elder Ballard. I said "Hmmm, I feel like I've seen this face before today." Out of no where it hit me, I go "OH MY GOSH MY COMPANION IS ELDER BALLARDS GRANDSON." I asked my companion and he just smiled, I am under the impression that he's not allowed to tell or that he chooses not to admit it, but how cool is that? One day I'll be able to tell my kids I served with an apostles grandson. Way cool, no?
So this week was awesome. We had the best temple trip in the world. We got up at 4:30, rolled out went and got dressed and took that long drive up to Tri-Cities. The temple here in this mission is so beautiful. It's certainly been a blessing to be apart of a mission that allows me to go to the temple. After the temple we took loads of pictures. I'll send some with them Email and some more will be on my blog. I've gotten to know some friends here in this mission that i hope I will be able to keep through out the rest of my life. Was certainly a neat experience. 

The work here in the Washington Kennewick mission is moving so forward and I am so blessed to be apart of it. THIS coming Sunday, I will experience my first baptism. My companion and i have been working with a young lady named Heather, and boy is she golden. It seems like every question we ask her she comes back with the perfect answer. She is so excited to be baptized and we are just as stoked for her. Its awesome seeing peoples life's change through Christ. From the time that we first met her, until now, shes a totally different person. You can see Christ in her eyes, and see the changes that she has made. I just hope that Sunday the Spirit will be there and Heather will feel the difference in her life when coming up from the water. We are also working with another young lady named Hannah. She is also just as golden. She has a baptism date for October the 18th, and she is AWESOME. We have been working on things with her, and now her parents are investigating the church a little. But Hannah has always wanted to be baptized, and I'm just the lucky one that gets to help her. We also have another baptism coming up for Christina Canwell, coming up in mid October. I am so blessed to be apart of the work here, I know I say that a lot but I mean it. I feel the Lord's presence every single day. I have found that yes, I am here to help change other peoples life's, but at the same time I see my own life changing. My relationship with Christ is inevitably growing stronger every day. I look over to the beautiful mountains sometimes, or I look up at how pretty the stars are, and just think to myself..."There has to be a God." None of this happened by chance, the Holy Ghost is real. Not only do I sense its presence every day, but other people around me feel it as well. 

A long with how spiritual the week has been its also been a funny one. We had an area authority come to speak to us this past week, Elder Risenmay. He asked myself and my companion to come and teach the first lesson in front of the whole sacrament meeting. After we did I had 4 people, 4 PEOPLE come ask me if I was from Australia? I mean is my accent that heavy? Have people out here never heard anyone from the south? I've also had people ask me where North Carolina is located, or is that another country? People out here must live under a rock their entire life's. 

Love you guys so much, and thanks for all the support. Cant wait to talk to you guys next week! 

Con Amor,

Elder Hutchens
Elders in the district

Elder Ballard and Elder Hutchens in front of Columbia River Washington temple.

Elder Hutchens in front of temple.

Elder Hutchens, Elder Heldt and Elder Visker.

Elders and Sisters in the zone.

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