Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Oh man what a week, I have a lot to say in just 45 minutes. So where to start? With as much door knocking as we do a day, we get the opportunity to see many different types of people. But this week, I saw and met some people that were really really different. First, we knocked on a door that a young boy answered. We said COMO ESTA AMIGO? He was super young like, 8. We said "Amigo, quanto anos tiene?" (How old are you?) He said "Ocho!" We asked him where his parents where and he said that they wasnt home, we asked when they would be home...and out of no where, he reached in his pocket, pulled out a cigarette, pulled out a lighter and BAM..right before my eyes an 8 year old boy was smoking a cigarette and talking to me in Spanish all at the same time. I didnt know wether to faint or laugh..but either way that was by far the most bizarre experience so far. Being down here during the World Cup is so crazy. So many doors we knocked on and people were like "Really? Youre knocking on my door and the game is on? Whats wrong with you?" Apparently Argentina won, because as we was walking so many gun shots went off and the whole city of Tandil screamed. People down here love their soccer thats for sure. Also, I had an odd experience, as we knocking on doors we came across an older man that slammed the door in our face. We continued to walk down the street when two cops stopped right beside of us and started asking us questions. He then realized who we was and said over his walkie talkie "Nevermind, its just the Mormons." Apparently the old man reported us for being suspicious? Me and my companion found is super funny for sure. Ive been here a month and Ive had so many crazy experiences. We had a dog follow us around for like 6 hours, we named him Pancho, I LOVE THAT DOG. He had like one eye, but idc. It was still nice to have an amigo following us around. 
BUT HEY GUESS WHO HAS A BIRTHDAY IN LIKE 28 DAYS!? I turn 20 July the first birthday without my family. Cant believe it, but itll be a very good birthday I hope. Also Happy Fathers day to my Grandpa and Dad, I know it stinks that im almost 5000 miles away on the Dia De Padres, but you just know I was thinking about you guys. 

I love Jesus Christ. I dont know how else to say it. Ive had such a tough time the last few weeks with just everything. But Ive found that just putting my faith in god has been the best thing that I can do. Even though I dont understand some things about doctrine or something, it shouldnt mean that It takes away from what I already know. I know that Christ is alive, I know that this is his church, and I know that what I am doing every day is his work. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts, it means the absolute world to me. Ive found that I enjoy knocking on doors and sharing with people what I believe because I want people to feel what Ive felt, and what Christ has done in my life. Im here for 2 years, im not going anywhere. This is where God wants me to be, and I know this. I love my investigators, I love my scriptures and I love how God can answer my prayers. Ive only been in Argentina a month, but I can honestly say Im ready for the next year and 10 months. Its the journey of a life time. Time will fly by..I always keep Philippians 4:13 close when I start to have bad thoughts, or struggle. I know this is Gods work, and I love being a missionary even when it does stink, or I get tired, or I get doors slammed into my face. I love it. 
Thanks again for all your support, I cant wait to tell you guys all about the week Im going to have this up coming week. 

Con Amor,
Elder Hutchens.

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