Monday, June 2, 2014

Lou Hutchens

This past week would have marked my grandmas 83rd birthday. I just wanted to say that I miss my grandma so much. There isnt a day that passes that I don´t think of the example that she set for my brother and I as we both grew up. She was the perfect example of a true christian woman. She was my mother figure, my rock, and always believed in me. I regret not being able to tell her more before she died, being able to thank her for all she did for me. because in reality, if it wasnt for her I´m not sure where I´d be today, I´m not sure where both me and my brother would be. Every day my grandma is looking down on me watching over me and making sure that I am okay. She raised me to the best of her ability, and its not everyday that a 80 year old woman takes on the challenge of raising a 17 year old boy, but she did a perfect job with me and my brother. Just wanted to give her a shout out and let her know that I have her picture in my scriptures right by her favorite bible verse, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU.

This week during a lesson my companion was teaching an investigator, he was rambling on in Spanish so i didn´t really understand what was going on. I heard someone walk through the door of the house but i didn´t bother to turn around and look. 30 seconds later I felt an arm around my neck and someone had layed a big wet sloppy kiss on my cheek. I turned around and it was a girl around the age of in Argentina people kiss on the cheek as a culture thing. It wasn´t just a peck on the cheek, she REALLY layed it on my cheek with some of passion. I was so embaressed. My companion explained to her that we don´t do companion said that my face was so red. Oh well.

I got the chance to meet with a 93 year old woman that we are helping out. She reminds me a lot of my grandma. Just always sweet, a smile on her face, and always looking out for the better good of others. These people down here are so friendly, and so nice. Its amazing how a culture can be so different. I still dont understand what people are saying, but MY spanish is really improving. I´m able to have a conversation with my companion. The only problem I have is understand the Argentine accent. I love SpĂ nish, I wouldn´t be surprised if I end up minoring in Spanish when I get to college one day. Tonight i have to travel 7 hours back to Bahia Blanca with the zone leaders, UGH...should be fun though. The mission president is a great man. 

HUGE shout out to my brother, for just being an awesome and amazing brother. I´m so proud of you and all the work you have put into those puppies and dogs. It´s something I´m so happy to say that I was able to kind of help you out with. But I love you Murph, you´re the man. Can´t wait to get home and one day meet my DOUGHNUT. 

It´s been a tough week for me, emotionally, and physically. But hopefully things start looking up. 

Take care guys. Love you all. 

Elder Hutchens.
Elder Sanchez and Elder Hutchens at the Jesus Wall

Elder Hutchens admires an advertisement for his message

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