Monday, June 30, 2014


This week has been full of nothing but surprises. NOTHING BUT SURPRISES. So this week was sort of crazy because everyone was expecting things to be rough with transfers happening. I was for sure and certain that nothing was going to change with me because I havent even finished my training yet. Elder Sanchez and I went to this lunch appointment with a less active member. We walked in and BOOM, apparently this guy went to like 8 years of school to be a baker. So, what did we have? THE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH HANDS DOWN. On top of that he fed us 4 pizzas, a bunch of baked sweets and this awesome drink that he fixed. Wow, what a surprise, no? Also with transfers happening the guys in the house spent the week helping out with Elder Carreno because sadly he left yesterday afternoon. It was my first missionary that I was close with that had to go home, but he served a great and awesome mission, and he was such a great inspiration for me. I hope one day I can be half the missionary he can be.
Just wanted to say something before I go into the juicy part of this email. I just wanted to say that I love my grandpa so much. I never realized how much he did for me until I got out here and basically had to live and manage my own life. The things that my grandpa did for me even after grandma died was amazing. 82 years old and was still helping raise a 19 year old boy. Many things like laundry, car issues, and much much more. So this week I just wanted to thank my grandpa for all that he does, and did for me.
SOOO...transfers happened this week. Elder Sanchez and I was walking down the street when our phone went off. It was Elder Carreno saying that he has all the new transfer info. I didnt pay much attention because I honestly thought I was going to stay where I was. He kept reading off all the missionary that was getting moved..and then he said my name. In this moment my WHOLE mission changed. He said "Oh, Elder Hutchens, you and Elder Roberts are now companions.." Now, let me make this very clear why this is so significant. Elder Roberts was in the MTC with me, he went in the very same day as me. Elder Roberts was on the plane to Argentina with me, Elder Roberts is a brand new missionary just like me. Elder Roberts knows about as much Spanish as I do, Elder Roberts cant understand what the people of Argentina are saying. In a nut shell, I finished my training 6 weeks early, so did Elder Roberts, and now we are companions....again..let me make this clear..THIS IS NOT NORMAL. We no longer have our trainers, we no longer can fully understand what is going on. We have to figure out how to be good missionary by our selfs. Nothing more. The two least experienced missionaries in the zone are together. Now, with that being said its very easy to look at all the bad things about this. Its hard to see the good that can come from this, but there is plenty good from this. Elder Roberts and I get the chance to do something that hardly no missionaries get to do. We get to figure this out together, as a team, we get to learn Spanish together, we also get the chance to grow. This is a huge growing experience. This has been the chat of the zone the last few days and im not sure that anyone expects us to baptize. But heres the thing, I believe in miracles. WE DO NOT CONVERT THE PEOPLE.. The Holy Ghost does. If we do our part and work our hardest, we will find the souls of Argentina that needs Christ in their lifes regaurdless if we can speak fluent Spanish. No one including myself was expecting this, but it happened. And we are going to make the best of what we have.
With that being said..VAMOS ARGENTINA. Woooo, its so cool to be in a country when the World Cup is happening, wow. People down here watch this World Cup religiously. Everybody takes off work when the World Cup is on.
Also, if you guys want to send packages that fine. But ONLY send the padded packages. Because normal box packages will NOT MAKE IT. The mail service here is horrible but its likely that a padded package will arrive to me.
Guys I have a lot in front of me, this mission just got 10 times more difficult than what it already was. But thats okay. Im not here for myself, Im here for Christ. Proverbs 3:5 has been keeping me going this week along with Philippians 4:13. I know God will lead us to the right people, to help them with their needs and teach to their specific needs. I love you all and thanks for your support. I cant wait to let you guys know all about how my week goes, next week. 

Con Amor,
Elder Hutchens

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